How to market your property using social media

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Perhaps the biggest thing to gain popularity since the creation of the internet is social media. Today, people are finding new ways to use social media web sites to market businesses and property. Although this may not have been the original intention of these sites, it has certainly made them more useful and relevant in society.

Twitter and Facebook provide platforms that allow you to reach an audience that may have been inaccessible before. While selling your home in a traditional manner has advantages, the use of social media web sites relies on unique content and interesting information to give you success. Of course, selling your home in less than 140 characters on Twitter isn’t going to straightforward, but a good strategy and creating online interest can lead to the sale you’re hoping for.

Facebook The clear leader of social media today, Facebook is currently one of the most visited web sites in the world. It’s estimated that one in three people use Facebook each day, each creating around 90 items of content monthly with about 130 friends. That means around 30 billion items are shared on Facebook monthly around the world.

This can seem like an overwhelming amount of information. Where should you start? Because Facebook revolves around a community setting, start by setting up your own page. The web site guides you through the process and it’s completely free. After this, you’ll have everything you need to market your home, including the ability to upload content, videos and photos.

In addition to uploading your content be sure to invite others to rate messages and photos, as well as leave feedback on your content. Each time you update your Facebook page or leave any message, followers of your site will be notified. Of course, not everyone on your friends list will be looking for a new home, but some are likely to know someone that is.

The important step to marketing your home on Facebook is to interact with your followers by adding new content daily, along with responding to messages. As you build up a following and generate interest people will anxiously follow your home-selling journey, to find out who buys the home and for how much.


Each week, billions of tweets are sent using this popular social networking site. In March 2011 Twitter set a new record with over 177 million tweets in a single day.

The unique thing about Twitter is each tweet must be composed of 140 characters or less. This may not sound like a very useful tool for selling a home but it can actually be easier than it sounds. Daily and interesting tweets are the key to marketing your home because it allows readers to follow your experience. Interesting and fun messages are also shared with others, allowing the message to spread to a wider audience. It’s also important to realise that information is shared through Twitter faster than any other method available. Short, compelling updates on your home-selling process will be followed and shared. Potential buyers have the ability to ask questions about the property and as your following grows the buzz around your property will grow too.

You Tube

Although Youtube may not come to mind when you think of social media web sites, Youtube has one of the largest communities for sharing content with a staggering two billion views daily. Youtube is the perfect place to give an online tour of your property. Of course, the video must be fun to watch if you want to get the most views.

Combining Youtube with Facebook and Twitter allows you to upload and share new information with your followers. It’s possible a clip you create can even be viewed by millions of people around the world.

Final word

Social media may not be the primary way to sell your home yet, but it is a great alternative that is going to guarantee you get a lot of exposure. Just remember that joining a community on Facebook, a buzz on Twitter and fun, interesting videos on Youtube is the key to selling your home using social media.

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