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Node.JS launched back in 2009 and went straight to the top of the list of the most widely used code online. Used by applications like Netflix and LinkedIn, it became obvious that this was the language to know. If you've ever wondered why wonder no more. Let's also look at some of the best Node.JS books to learn.
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Many people ask, "what is Javascript and jQuery?" at some point in time. People are starting to realize how useful this tool is, and everyone wants to know what is jQuery. jQuery is a JavaScript library that helps web developers to create interactive and efficient websites. You want to make sure you understand what is jQuery before you begin using it, so you do not waste time learning something you do not need to learn.
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When it comes to looking for the best Angular books to learn from, the company Angular has an array of books and categories to choose from. Whether you are looking for a book to read to learn different ways of expanding your online businesses, different softwares to use, different ways to engage with your clients, what websites work best for your business or if you are looking to expand your knowledge on Angular framework.