5 Tips to Make Your Small Business Appear Larger

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Starting out small doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the competition and keep pace with the big boys. Most people have this notion in their heads that when you open your own business, you’re bound to stay small and insignificant for a long while before you finally get a break and make it big.

Why wait when you can do it now?

While it definitely takes time for any business to grow, you don’t always have to feel like a dwarf amongst giants when you do business. In fact, there are tricks you can use to make your business look larger than it really is. It’s not that you want to deceive your potential customers, you just want to assure them that they are in good hands dealing with you.

Remember that your public image is the one biggest factor that can spell the difference between your success and your failure. If people think that you’re big and serious enough to transact with, they will come to you. But if you look and feel small, they will always look over your head and just buy from the competition.

It takes effort to make your business look more robust than it is right now, and it’s important for you to start building your image- making strategy today. The earlier you give your business that much-needed boost, the easier it is for you to actually expand your operations.

A trick of smoke and mirrors

You really don’t need to resort to fancy techniques to make your enterprise look larger and busier than it really is. All it takes is a little creativity on your part and a strong desire to really make things work. To pull this off, you need to believe in your own image so that people will believe it, too.

1. Have a professional website and email address. To look big, you have to spend big, or just about enough to come across as serious and professional. A Livejournal or Blogger-hosted website doesn’t impart confidence in your clients that you can actually handle their accounts. If you couldn’t even pay for a decent website, how would they expect you to deliver on their projects? A smart, savvy email address is also a great way for you to reach out and tell your customers that you mean what you say. You may use your company name in the email address so that people will remember it and know how to contact you right away.

2. Get a proper work area. If you have to rent a small function room at a nearby hotel to set up a meeting with your clients, do it. Holding a business meeting at a Starbucks just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you don’t yet have the office space to hold your meetings in, the least you could do is to find a quiet, professional-looking place to rent so you can impress your client without spending too much.

3. Put your branding skills to good use. Consistency is the key in making your business look larger than it is, so it’s important for you to cook up a solid branding strategy that will constantly and effectively deliver the same message to your clients and customers. You have to be able to communicate clearly and let your market know what you can do to help them before you even begin to design your company logo or print your business cards and letterhead. And of course, the right branding strategy puts your right alongside the big names in the market because they also use this technique to publicize their brand.

4. Develop professional print materials. You need an array of professionally-made print publications in order to keep up the appearance of a big, busy company. While hiring a graphic designer and printer may cost you a significant sum, they are the only way you can have great-looking print materials to distribute to your potential customers and fellows in the industry. If you’re worried about hurting your budget, you can hire a freelancer to do the job for you and save a few bucks in the process. Don’t design and print your own materials unless you’re absolutely certain that you can mimic that high-quality professional look of top-notch business cards.

5. Make technology your best friend. Using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will give your business the appearance of a busy beehive. Update your Facebook status regularly to let clients know about bargain deals and the latest developments on the products or services that you’re developing. You can also create an email newsletter list to communicate directly with your customers and share useful information about the work that you do.

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