Communicate with the Customers Properly: Freelance Writing Advice

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If you are a freelance writer, not working in-house with a company, then you probably realize how important it is to get the communication with the customer right.  It is better to have this settled from the start.  This is especially true for customers who have a stable group of repeat customers providing frequent gigs.  Encouraging the customer’s attachment to you as an employee is one of the keys to freelance writing success.

However, for freelance writers working in-house that sometimes doesn’t happen so smoothly.  As an editor with project I deal with many in-house writers.  I can see that writers who work from their homes or part-time are more attached to their clients than the in-house professionals.

Why is that?  How can in-house freelance writers make a better connection with their customers through communication?  I’ll try to answer these questions.

First of all, we need to be able to understand the natural differences between in-house writers and remote writers.  In-house writers usually have the notion that jobs will always pour in because the company will provide them.  There is not that much of room for professional growth, especially if the writer is not that skillful.

That does not foster a desire to create a personal bond with the customers.  Sometimes companies will have a support team to moderate the interactions, and the writer will never have direct contact with the client.

However, what benefit does the communication bring for in-house writers?  How can you achieve this understanding with the customer?

First of all, the customers in this market want to see personal attention to their orders.  If the writer is being honest, professional, and informative about his work progress, the chances are really high that he/she will request the same writer as their preferred choice.  Moreover, that means more cash and maybe even tips.  Some of the writers within our project received hundreds of dollars on top of their earning for particular orders.  They all received the tips from returned users, and, significantly, were always personally communicating with the clients.  By “personally” I mean, they addressed them by name and always showed their understanding of the customer’s paper topic and requirements.

Don’t be afraid to cross this imaginary line of professionalism.  Sometimes orders for the customers are lifesavers, helping to meet their academic and professional goals.  So the customers feel comfortable when the writer working on the job shows that the final outcome is also important for him.  This makes the customers feel safe, makes them want to return to your services again and again

Of course, it shouldn’t mean that you have to be really “casual” with the customer: starting your messages with “What’s up, dawg?” or something of that sort.

It’s up to you to find the right balance of communication freedom and correctness and utilize it to the most.

I hope that my tips were useful and if you are a freelance writer working in-house with a company, then you definitely have to use them.  Of course, for some of you guys, I wasn’t providing any new information.  However, it’s better to remind everyone of these things from time to time.

Let us all collaborate to make the freelance writing a more prestigious and beneficial job.

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