Three Things Every Freelance Writer Should Have

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One of the most desirable aspects of being a freelance writer is that you can work from the comfort of your own home. There can be several problems associated with working from home enticing beds, terrible daytime television, and a fully stocked refrigerator being just a few of the obstacles. However, for the most part working from home rocks. With the freedom to design a completely personalized home office, freelance writers have no excuse for working in a crappy, uncomfortable, and uninspiring environment. A home office should ignite creativity and harbor productivity.

1. Get a (really freaking) Nice Chair: So, as freelance writers we do a lot of sitting. Spending hours each day sitting in a crappy, uncomfortable chair can be murderous. Don’t make this mistake. Not only does being uncomfortable kill your productivity, but it also makes you miserable. Go to an office supply store and test drive office chairs like you are test driving the newest luxury car. Find one that is comfortable, but sturdy. You sit in that chair at least 5 hours a day (unless you know something I really don’t know. In which case, please share.). Office chairs are typically marketed for Casual use, Moderate use, and Intensive use. You need an “Intense” chair. Being productive and successful is all about endurance and enjoyment. Get a chair that makes you want to sit in it and write.

2. Hang a Whiteboard: A huge part of freelance writing involves adequate organization and management. You have to carefully keep track of multiple clients, various deadlines, and correspondences. At times, being your own boss can have its costs. Keeping track of dates and contacts can be as simple as hanging a whiteboard in your home office. Keep a daily calendar of clients and deadlines posted on your whiteboard, so that you can see the tasks you have to complete for the day. Though it may sounds trite, the processing of crossing a task off of the list can be extremely rewarding. Whiteboards are also great places to brainstorm ideas and map out things for inspiration. Many may argue that all of these things can be done on your computer, which is undoubtedly true. However, stepping away from your workspace for a period of time to think about things and review your calendar can provide you with a productive break (from your extremely comfortable chair).

3. Buy an External Hard Drive: There is nothing more horrifying then losing your hard work and precious writing because your computer craps out. Perhaps the most important thing any freelance writer should invest in is some form of file saving device. You can go out and purchase an external hard drive to store all of your computer files on or you can use an online file storing service. Whichever route you decide to take, keeping track of your files and saving them in a reliable place is essential. Don’t lose your hard work and brilliant thoughts.

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